About us

Who  We Are?

We are a diverse and dynamic team of Marketing Experts, Video Professionals, Business Development and Project Managers on a mission to tailor all-in-one optimal solutions for our clients.

Operating from several satellite offices across Europe and the USA, we bring with us years of invaluable experience of working with clients such as Coca Cola, AFV and TedX. We pour all of our newly born and fresh ideas baked straight out of our curious heads into building and executing superb Video Production and Marketing strategies for guaranteed success.

We really put our heart and soul into every project we take. We are a team of idealists, so we swear by what we promise. And we promise you a ridiculously good service at a remarkably affordable price!

What  We do?

At Ignite Global Media we handle everything from creating and implementing winning Digital Marketing strategies to cross-country filming and all-night editing.

Our in-house teams of Marketing and Video Editing Experts will make your campaign look like a million dollars from day one. Moreover, with a network of verified videographers and photographers all over the world, we can take care of all your filming needs. The location or language is not a problem for us.

We’re here to creatively tell your story, spark your audience’s interest and help your business grow. Most importantly, our business model allows us to offer high-quality services at exceedingly competitive rates.

Save Time & Money, Keep High Quality

We’ve helped many event organizers across the world streamline their video production process and attract global audience! We’ve been an integral part of the success of multiple brands through our successfully managed marketing campaigns.