Video Production & Photography

Video Production  & Photography


We hear you – what do you expect to gain with the project and do the venue scouting for you. This is a mandatory task for a video production company. We make sure to check the venue for equipment setup. We prepare a shooting schedule, run it by you and gather our team. Scripts and storyboards are usually included as well.


Script Writing

If you have the idea, we have the story for you and we can convert it into a stellar script. For any type of video, whether it is a commercial or an educational video, our team of professionals can write a powerful script that grabs your audience’s attention.



We create the plan of production for your video. With the storyboard, you can have a clear vision of the final product and make the production process much smoother. Reading through the storyboard you will have the video “playing in your head”. Just think of it as sort of a comic book version of your script.


Venue Scouting

Our team never shows up at an event not prepared in advance. Before any on-site filming, the video production crew visits the venue to do the “scouting” and to learn what type of equipment will they need to bring with them. Moreover, this type of preparation is important for us, because we need to make sure that all the technical aspects of the shooting are covered and that the shooting will go smoothly without any audio or video issues.

Pre-Production for Video Production Process


This is the process where we are either on location or in a studio, recording and filming the highlights of the event or capture a speaker session. We own different HD and 4K professional cameras and audio kits. When required we also provide lighting and staging equipment.

filming process in video production

Event Filming

When you organize an event it’s imperative to record and capture everything that the speakers and attendees have to say. Stage presentations, panel discussions, networking meals, gala nights, it’s all worth seeing. We have at least 2 or 3 camera operators present on an event shooting, to make sure we capture every aspect of the event. In this way, you can show your audience what they shouldn’t miss out on the next event.


Aerial / Drone Filming

If you organize an event out in the open, or at an exotic location in nature, or for any other occasion, it is great to give a different perspective to the viewers. A bird’s perspective! Aerial or drone shooting is what’s trending lately in the videography world. Our drone operators can make great captions in video or photos from your event, or store opening.


Filming on location

What gives a greater impact in a commercial is the real-world setting. If you want to have this effect in your commercial – the solution is filming on location. We have just the crew and equipment for that – we can shoot on the street or at a cafe, rather than in a studio.


Filming in studio

Do you want to create a video that portrays an authentic scenery in Tokyo, but you are located in the USA? It would be too expensive to travel to Japan, or pay for a crew and actors to fly there and record. We have the solution for you – recording in a studio with a green screen where we can put any background that you choose.

Video Editing

The post-production part is where we work the magic. We use our footage to make different types of videos, as requested by you, the client. If you already have a footage, we can help with the editing and produce the type of video you need.


Highlights video

When you want to have the greatest and most memorable moments from your event captured in 2 or 3 minutes for your potential audience to see – you choose the Highlights video. Most common shots are registration booths, shots from speakers on stage, attendees interaction and networking. This type of video is used mainly to showcase the best parts of the event.

making an event highlights video by video production company

Testimonial/Case study videos

Any company would like to present their success stories – their happy clients. These types of videos present each client’s story, their experience with the company or a product and usually describe the way that this company helped their business. At events, the testimonial videos are past attendees that would like to express their opinion about the event and their takeaways.

Testimonial/Case study videos with the help of video production company

Explainer video

This is a short animated video that explains a business idea in a simple and engaging way, using appealing visuals and through clear and concise language conveys the message and grabs the viewer’s attention. It is exactly that – an explainer video, it’s informational and explains what the company offers, how it can help their consumers and also provides information about a product or a service.

creating an explainer video by video production company

Promotional Video

If you want to announce your upcoming event or promote your new company, this is the type of video you need. We can help you create a short 1-minute video that will catch the eye of your audience and increase your attendance or increase your sales.


best promotional video by video production company

Speaker presentation video

If you organize a conference with many important speakers that have interesting presentations for your audience at the event, it would be great to have that recorded and share it with those who weren’t present. This is a great way to capture the attention of the viewers anywhere in the world and if they like the videos it is most likely that they will be attending your next event. Call it however you want – session video, speaker video or presentation video, it would do wonders for your event promotion.

recording a speaker presentation video using video production company

Animated video

This type of engaging video can help you tell your story more comprehensively. Our team of professionals will deliver your ideas and create the video from scratch – including script, storyboard, research and make any amends necessary. If you have your own script or storyboard, we can help with the realization only.

video production company that makes animated video

Video Blog

Creating professional-looking videos is one of your top priorities as a vlogger. Let us help edit your Vlog or Youtube videos so you can spend more time to make more videos and engage with your audience. If needed we can also take care of the whole medium.

video production company that makes video blog

Product Video

This is a different type of explainer video – the difference with it is that it’s not animated. The product video explains the benefits of a certain product and we can create it by adding different text or animation to your product and where applicable use actors or voice-over to present the product better.

video production company that makes product video

Interview Video

Whether it is an event or a TV show, we can help you produce an interview video. This video can be recorded with 2 or 3 cameras to get a different angle on the interviewee and even add subtitles if required. 

interview video made by video production company

Tutorial Video

For anyone who is looking for a tutorial or how-to video, you came to the right place. Whether you are a blogger, teacher or a company selling a product that needs instructions for users, we can help with the process of video production.

tutorial video made by video production company

Internal Training Video

Video trumps all other kinds of content and it is no wonder that internal training videos are implemented by world-leading companies. Whether it is the onboarding process, coaching for new management or capturing knowledge shared in a meeting, our skilled videographers and video editors will help you make your internal communication a real success.

internal training video made by video production company

Live streaming

When you are interested in reaching a bigger audience and get viewers anywhere in the world – live streaming is the perfect choice. We can stream your event on YouTube, your website, social media or through a private link for your selected viewers.


A mandatory part of each event is capturing the highlights with photography. Our professional photographers are able to capture the moment that not everyone can see. The color correction of the images is always included in our service.